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Fruits and Vegetables

Quality and service

Selection of the harvesting

We select our best harvests


Supervision and Hand Made Selection of The Products


CPlanned Deliveries

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We are an historic company in the service industry of fruit and vegetables. From over 50 years partecipating on the market we have more and more become a datum point for small enterprises focused on retail sales and aswell for big shopping centres that requires availability of well-advanced infrastructures and tools. Over the years we largely invested on logistic, tools and coordination. This alloweds us to satisfy the demand of central italy’s large retailers and to improve supllies’ standards, holding down the prices..


Large warehouse of 2,300 square meters, equipped and equipped with large state-of-the-art refrigeration cells. In it all the products, coming from the suppliers, are selected and packed according to the specific requests of the customers. Making scheduled and personalized deliveries with the needs of the individual customer.


Production’s Selection

We select our best products with direct supervision of our buyer that verifies in the farmland…

Making and Selection

In the company the products come from different regions of italy and they’re hand-selected …

Stock and Logistic

The refregerating rooms allow us to acquire a large quantity of products, with consequent profit of price.


All the activities of the company are aimed at always improving it. Menagement team, sales managment..

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